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  • Updating Conformity Certificate: E.NEXT again confirmed correspondence to european standards


    The feeling when work motivates, adding inspiration and confidence in the next step. When growth and development are a joy and you want to talk again and again about the achievements of the Company. We have once again confirmed the compliance of E.NEXT products with European standards. Updated Conformity Certificate for cable duct of all sizes. It is especially nice that the products are created on the Ukrainian production site E.NEXT-GROUP. This is one of the reasons for joy and pride — the E.NEXT team strives to move forward, reaching new levels of development!

    Using innovative methods in production, we have created a strong foundation for stable operation and implementation of the boldest projects.

    There have been many different events lately, which have allowed us to discover our new sides and opportunities, look at familiar things from a different perspective and understand how much new and interesting things are around us, next to us and how much more ahead! Therefore, we are confidently moving forward on the path to the realization of the most ambitious dreams and the conquest of goals.

    Everything will be E.NEXT 😉