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  • Video review. Multifunctional organizer TOOLBOX — reliability from E.NEXT


    Good afternoon, friends!

    Welcome to the pages of the press center of our website. We are pleased to announce that we are continuing to lead the new section "Overview of the E.NEXT product line" to provide more information about the product range of the catalog.

    This product is a convenient place to store small parts, tools and equipment. Organizers are made of high quality plastic; one of their main features is the ability of the user to create their own transformer, connecting the organizers together and assembling them as desired.

    The design of the product provides a special fasteners for mounting on a wall or other flat surface.


    Item No Item name
    t010018 Organiser-lug box e.toolbox.18, 1-sections
    t010019 Organiser-lug box e.toolbox.19, 2-sections
    t010020 Organiser-lug box e.toolbox.20, 4-sections
    t010021 Organiser-lug box e.toolbox.21, 12-sections

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