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  • Video review. Pilot LED light of the AD series


    We continue the column of reviews, today it is the turn of light indicators. We have chosen this direction because we often receive inquiries from you about low-voltage equipment in the AD series pilot LED light segment.

    Pilot LED light of the AD series has several types of light indicators:

    • current indicator;
    • current and voltage indicator;
    • frequency indicator;
    • temperature indicator.

    The devices are designed for indication in low-voltage circuits of alternating current, current and voltage at the same time, mains frequency, ambient temperature of the installation site.

    Additionally, pilot LED lights are used in various complete devices and control cabinets.


    • wide range of supply voltage;
    • compact size;
    • excellent equipment (current transformer and temperature sensor included);
    • full model range.


    Parameter Type e.ad22.temp
    Voltage type AC
    Rated operating voltage, V 50-500 80-380
    Indication type light (LED)
    Cap colour yellow red yellow green
    Diameter of a mounting hole, mm 22
    Measuring range 0-100 А 30-105 Hz -25…199 °С
    Protection degree ІР54
    Material plastic
    Complete set Indicator — 1 pc.
    transformer — 1 pc.
    Indicator — 1 pc.
    transformer — 1 pc.
    Indicator — 1 pc. Indicator — 1 pc.
    sensor — 1 pc.


    Vendor code Item name
    s009037 Pilot LED light with frequency indicator Ø 22 mm, 30-105 Hz
    s009038 Pilot LED light with current indicator Ø 22 mm, 0-100 А
    s009039 Pilot LED light with voltage and current indicator Ø 22 mm, 50-500В, 0-100 А
    s009040 e.ad22.temp Pilot LED light with temperature indicator e.ad22.temp Ø 22 mm, -25…+199 °C

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