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  • Video review. Products for installation - in the style of reliability E.NEXT


    And today we have some cool products in the product line «Products for installation». Let's talk about their purpose.

    Main application:

    • making electrical contact between the terminals;
    • easy connecting of cables and wires;
    • fixation and insulation of conductive busbars in the middle of electrical panels;
    • reusable screwless connection of conductors and other equipment.

    As you have already understood from the context, the time of the weekly column «Overview of the E.NEXT product line». So let's not procrastinate!

    Junction plate

    Планка з’єднувальна


    It is used to make electrical contact between terminals.

    In the catalog of the site you will find junction plates of various modifications, namely:

    Vendor code Item name
    p051007 Junction plate
    p051008 Junction plate
    p051009 Junction plate
    p051010 Junction plate
    p051011 Junction plate

    Connection terminal block

    Клемна колодка з’єднувальна


    Connection terminal block with the pressure lever universal is used for repeated screwless connection of conductors. It is used to connect lamps, lights and other household devices. Allows you to connect wires quickly, safely and efficiently. In the range of our products you will find the following connection terminal blocks:

    Vendor code Item name
    p0660201 Connection terminal block with push rod universal
    p0660202 Connection terminal block with push rod universal
    p0660203 Connection terminal block with push rod universal

    Steppable insulator

    Ізолятор ступінчатий


    Steppable insulator e.step is used for fastening, fixing and isolating conductive busbars in the middle of electrical panels and other equipment.

    In the range of products of our site you will find the following steppable insulators:

    Vendor code Item name
    s054101 Steppable insulator e.step.ct4-20 300A
    s054102 Steppable insulator e.step.ct4-30 450A
    s054103 Steppable insulator e.step.ct4-40 600A
    s054104 Steppable insulator e.step.cj4-30 700A
    s054105 Steppable insulator e.step.cj4-40 900A

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