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  • Bactericidal luminaire from E.NEXT. Modernity and tranquility with ANTIVIRUS 2X15W


    Good afternoon, dear friends!

    Welcome to the press center of the E.NEXT website! Finally, again Wednesday and now our regular column — "Overview of the E.NEXT product line"!

    Today we present the bactericidal luminaire ANTIVIRUS 2X15W made by PXF (Poland), which is necessary in modern realities.

    ANTIVIRUS 2X15W is intended for use in administrative and office premises, general educational institutions, trade halls, public and medical institutions. Ultraviolet radiation has a photolytic effect on the DNA of microorganisms. The luminaire disinfects the air from biological organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores.

    There are two ultraviolet lamps in the aluminum case of the luminaire. With the help of two fans, air enters the luminaire, falls under the flow of ultraviolet light and exits from the luminaire. The luminaire has a working time meter. There is a mechanical filter for cleaning the air from dust particles inside of luminaire.

    The luminaire can be hung to the ceiling or wall.


    Тype Value
    Protection class I
    Wave type ultraviolet (UV)
    Wavelength range, nm UV-C 200÷280
    Intensity, cd 7 800
    Service life of a light source, h 8 000
    Luminaire type T8/G13/HNS 15 Вт OFR
    Light source power, W 2×15
    Fan power, W 2×14
    Light source included yes (UV)
    Type of equipment AC
    Rated voltage, V 220-240
    Overall dimensions, mm 1085×115×65

    Electromagnetic spectrum of ultraviolet radiation (UV) and visible spectrum.



    Vendor code Item name
    PX2083111 Bactericidal luminaire ANTIVIRUS 2X15W

    Friends, that's all for today, thank you! Take care of yourself and remember that health is the greatest value!

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