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  • E.NEXT-Ukraine has completed the project of technical re-equipment of 35/10 kV substation «Shishaki»


    Electrotechnical company E.NEXT-Ukraine in cooperation with its partner the Spanish company International Capacitors (TM Lifasa) has carried out a full range of works on the technical re-equipment of the substation and the production of reactive power compensation devices 400 kVar and 500 kVAR of capacitor bank at substation 35/10 kV of «Shishaki» («Poltavaoblenergo»).

    Within the framework of the project E.NEXT-Ukraine specialists dismantled old equipment, installed new vacuum switches, disconnectors, current and voltage transformers, sets of modern microprocessor protection, network analyzers and VAR regulators. The works on arrangement of foundations and installation of capacitor bank on ready foundation frames were done as well; 10 kV power cables have been installed to connect installations оf capacitor banks; an external protective enclosure of the substation's perimeter was installed, an external video surveillance and alarm system were installed with registration and data transfer to the control center. The new substation equipment is connected to the existing telemechanics system.

    After E.NEXT-Ukraine specialists carried out the whole set of commissioning works for the installation of capacitor bank — 400 kVAr and — 500 kVAr, it was successfully put into operation. Due to this, the problem of undervoltage on the 10 kV side was solved at the «Shishaki» substation (after turning on the installations there was an increase of voltage up to 0.25 kV without additional adjustment); reduced power losses and unloaded 35kV transit. This has significantly increased the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.

    Due to the high level of organization of the E.NEXT team work and effective interaction with the Customer, the approved work schedule was exceeded by more than 3 months.